Popular CaptureMAX Software is now FREE!

Our popular software title CaptureMAX, the webcam automation suite, is now absolutely free.

CaptureMAX has a multitude of possible applications and earlier versions of the software was used to monitor an electron accelerator at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, in a project that won the Nobel Prize for physics.  (Read more about it on our clients page).

CaptureMAX was created for a website that offered live webcams in night clubs and bars. The software needed to be stable, run unattended and have plenty of flexibility when it came to configuration options. N5 Networks built CaptureMAX.

After almost a year of running continuously on several machines full-time, we have decided to release the software to the general public. The public version includes new features such as video recording, The ability to run in the background in the system tray and much more.

Find out more (Plus Download Links)

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