June 6, 2015


N5 Networks has worked on a variety of projects dealing with all facets of development. Our award winning software solutions and constant attention to our customers need puts us ahead of the rest. Below is a small sampling of recent development projects we have been involved with, feel free to visit the sites (where applicable) and take a look around.

Aside from our client websites here are some of our own web properties:

N5 Networks - Cloud Services and Hosting
N5 Site Scan - Scan your website for security issues.
N5 SiteGuard - Secure Your Website with Testing and Daily Backups.
N5 Networks Files - Shareware Repository with nearly 40,000 software titles.
HelpWithFunds.tk - A crowdfunding site,  that doesn't charge fees.

Leather Nature

leathernaturelogo-300x131Recently we had the pleasure of working with a local leather worker Christian Graham who makes an impressive line of leather dog wear. His work is amazing and worth checking out. N5 Networks helped build an e-commerce platform based on WordPress that allows Christian to completely maintain all aspects of his online presence. From layout and design, to complex shipping calculations; Here is what he had to say:

“I hired N5 Networks to help me turn my small website into an e-commerce platform. I thought that I had a clear understanding of what would be needed. Brian made some suggestions and wrote a contract explaining what he would do. I paid the deposit and he started working on the website.
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The Weird and Uncommon

N5 Networks created a very unique e-commerce site that the client requested to be done on a budget, the result has been spectacular. Weird and Uncommon has the most interesting products you will find on the internet.  Since launch, they have become a cornerstone of unique gifts for all occasions. Not to mention visitors just looking for a laugh of things you can actually buy on the internet.

Visit: https://weirdanduncommon.tk/


bellsouthN5 Networks was hired by an Ohio design firm to build a registration system for a travel incentive company. The first deployment of the registration system was for Bellsouth Corporation, an internationally known provider of telecommunication services.

What Our Client Says:
We also provide online registration for trips managed by a travel incentive company. N5 has developed an entire program, with editing functionality, that we can use repeatedly. This has saved us both time and money. TNL's work is always professional and is completed within budget and on time. "  --- Cindy Tucker, Owner, Tucker Communications

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hwfN5 Networks developed a unique crowdfunding site called HelpWithFunds.org.  The allows anyone to create a crowfunding campaign while avoiding the fees that other sites charge.  The site was developed using wordpress, with more than a dozen custom written plugins.  N5 Networks hosts and continues to develop this site.  The site raised over $25k the first 30 days it was live.

After the founder of HelpWithFunds had to do a fundraiser due to an injury, he felt that the "other" sites seemed to prey on those already in need with fees upwards of 20% in some cases.

We simply offer a platform and the tools to connect directly to your PayPal account.

As we don’t take any fees from campaigns hosted at HelpWithFunds we have our own HelpWithFunds campaign to cover the costs of the server, bandwidth and person-hours involved in operating HelpWithFunds.tk. We feel this is the most transparent way to operate.
Visit HelpWithFunds.tk

Delphi Automotive

delphi_xrefN5 Networks was signed to handle programming for a multi-phase e-commerce project for the worlds largest auto parts manufacturer. Phase one was recently completed and serves as an employee store, which required restricted access for all 80,000 Delphi employees. We utilized TechCart Enterprise Edition to handle the storefront and shopping cart engine. N5 Networks was required to create a multitude of custom software for this particular site. Some of the key pieces included:

• Software that allows the website and the warehouses to maintain synchronized inventory.
•A quota system that only allows employees to purchase x amount of a particular item.
•A Cross reference system that allows the visitor to pick the year, make and model of their auto to see available parts.
•A 'MY GARAGE' system that allows visitors to store their car specs for quick lookup of parts.

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Bargos Bar & Grill World Record Event

N5 Networks popular CaptureMAX software showed the world a new world record! Leon Smith, broke the world record for the most consecutive days behind a bar! N5 Networks provided the expertise for the webcast as well as created the software and configuration to broadcast it. The webcam itself ran autonomously on Windows 2000, administered remotely. Therewas no monitor, keyboard or mouse connected to the machine, and CaptureMAX is connecting to the internet through a normal dial-up connection. N5 Networks provided the expertise, hardware and software to continiously webcast Leon for 15 days non-stop..

Thomas Jefferson National Labs Nobel Prize

cmaxsm_boxshotNobel Prize 2004: Physics And CaptureMAX:
On October 5, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that David J. Gross, H. David Politzer and Frank Wilczek, all U.S. citizens, have garnered this year's award "for the discovery of asymptotic freedom in the theory of the strong interaction." This research explains why quarks (which are found in protons and neutrons) may behave like free particles at short distances (high energies), even though the force that binds them together (the strong force) binds them so tightly that these particles can never be found alone.

Jefferson Lab Director Christoph Leemann comments, "This was a fundamental discovery in physics, and it is a fine thing to see this year's Nobel Prize in physics awarded for research into the basic structure of matter -- research that we are continuing here at Jefferson Lab."

N5 Networks CaptureMAX software is being used to monitor an electron accelerator at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The accelerator is driven by a laser system and they are using a new drive laser that isn't part of their normal control system yet. The only way the laser controller can be monitored is via video (everything is housed in a controlled vault because of radiation). A webcam powered by CaptureMAX is recording video captures of the laser controller. The camera takes a snapshot of the controller every 5 minutes and is later viewed as a time-lapse video.

Legal Tech Trade Show

legaltechN5 Networks created and implemented a live registration system for this large trade show firm. The registration system allowed registrants to select what portions of upcoming conferences they would like to attend while adjusting the price accordingly. The system also accepts payment during the registration process. Registrations are then stored for later use in a SQL based database system on a Unix server.

The payment system involved a custom Integration with the Authorizenet payment gateway.

Universal One Card

uni1N5 Networks provided a custom live payment system for new corporate and consumer orders using the Cybercash MCK gateway. While at the same time creating a SQL based customer database so that customers can later access their information through a web based system.

Due to the nature of the type of business involved a triple layered security mechanism was designed and implented by N5 Networks.

Dynamics Direct

dynaN5 Networks worked as a contractor to implement many database aspects of this unique web site. Most notable it the careers area which allows the visitor to browse careers by subject and submit their resume to a live database. From there the administrators can quickly and easily review potential candidates for new positions. Other aspects automated by N5 include press releases, 'In The News', and the clients and partners database. This site utilized the same database technology used in TechCart enterprise edition.