November 17, 2015

Customer Project: Bellsouth

bellsouthN5 Networks was hired by an Ohio design firm to build a registration system for a travel incentive company. The first deployment of the registration system was for Bellsouth Corporation, an internationally known provider of telecommunication services.

N5 Networks handled similar registration programs for Bellsouth, Valvoline, Relizon and Reynolds and Reynolds the previous year, but this time the idea was to build a system that could be re-used regardless of the nature of the information that needed to be collected.

  • The system specification had a multitude of requirements, including:
  • Special formatting of data so that an internal system could read it.
  • The ability to add/remove fields from the web-based MySQL database.
  • The ability to validate and format various field types such as dates and times.
  • The ability to download the data to Microsoft® Excel.
  • Completely customizable email confirmations to multiple parties.
  • The ability to have a multi-page registration system that would follow a flowchart based on what the registrant has selected.
  • The ability to pre populate certain data through use of a login/authentication process.
  • Quick and easy deployment for each new registration.

“The task of creating such an open-ended system requires an amazing amount of forethought to account for all the different variables..” says Brian Shaffer, Project Manager for the account.

Bellsouth was deployed without any problems. Since then, the system has been reused for travel incentive programs for several fortune 500 companies. The software has saved over $10,000 to date in development costs. The project utilized a standard LAMP stack, powered by Perl & MySQL.

What Our Client Says:

Tucker Communications
We also provide online registration for trips managed by a travel incentive company. N5 has developed an entire program, with editing functionality, that we can use repeatedly. This has saved us both time and money. TNL’s work is always professional and is completed within budget and on time. ”  — Cindy Tucker, Owner