November 17, 2015

Customer Project: Leather Nature

leathernaturelogo-300x131Recently we had the pleasure of working with a local leather worker Christian Graham who makes an impressive line of leather dog wear. His work is amazing and worth checking out. N5 Networks helped build an e-commerce platform based on WordPress that allows Christian to completely maintain all aspects of his online presence. From layout and design, to complex shipping calculations; Here is what he had to say:

“I hired N5 Networks to help me turn my small website into an e-commerce platform. I thought that I had a clear understanding of what would be needed. Brian made some suggestions and wrote a contract explaining what he would do. I paid the deposit and he started working on the website.

Right away there started to be problems with elements in the theme and other things. In the first two weeks, Brian probably doubled the total amount of time that he agreed to work on my website. As things progressed and started to come together, he actually made suggestions on how to make the website better. His ideas, which I would not have thought about, wound up being very important to the website, and he did a lot of extra work to implement things like SEO and setting up an email for me. When the project was finished, he had spent way more time than he said he would and didn’t raise the price.

Looking back, I realize that I had no idea of how many things I needed to do in order to have a viable e-commerce website that was exactly how I wanted it (I had a list of demands that made it harder). It could have easily cost me a lot more money than I planned or not even worked out right.

What I want to say the most is that Brian treated my website project with a sense of personal responsibility. I could tell during the process that he was thinking about it a lot and wasn’t going to leave me hanging. There were some times where it looked like something I wanted couldn’t be done, and then Brian would figure out a way to do it. This took a lot of extra time for him to do, reading forums and learning about the quirky theme I was using. And he could have just let it go but he did a lot of extra stuff to make the website just how i wanted it.

Since then I have hired him several times to do some modifications to the website. By now I trust him completely and know that he is fair and very thorough. Without him I am not sure how it would have ever come together right in any kind of budget I could afford. Brian treated me like someone he cared about and did a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make sure that everything was proper and set up right.

I have also switched my hosting company to N5. The rate is very good and I don’t have to worry about how busy the website gets because the server will always have more space. On my old server, I was worried that once I got too busy they would cap my bandwidth. Now I can grow and focus on my business and know that the website will grow with it.

I sincerely recommend N5 to anybody involved with the internet. Having Brian as a consultant or a website builder will be a creative and loyal addition to your website project.” -Christian Graham,