February 16, 2016

Data Products

N5 Networks datasets are the best in the industry.  Our competitors offer datasets that are incomplete, inaccurate or full of duplicates.  Our data is top notch, scrubbed regularly and updated monthly.  We are constantly evolving each of our datasets adding more and more to each product.  We invite you to have a look at the demos where available and decide for yourself.

Updated Monthly
We are constantly updating our datasets from various sources. We publish updated databases every month.
SQL, CSV or Tab Separated
We offer several formats of the database, so that you can have the right fit for your needs.
One Time Download Or Unlimited Updates
You can purchase a one time download, or a full year access for anytime download of our continually evolving datasets.
API Access
We are in the process of testing an API so that you can access the most current data directing through your own apps. Check back soon for more information.
Full dataset only $29.95

US Zip Codes, Geo Data Database.

Our database is compiled from dozens of sources and scrubbed for errors, We are constantly updating our database with new and updated datasets.  It is one of the most complete databases of it's type available on the internet.

Our database includes the following data fields:

Postal Code
State (two letter state abbreviation)
Long State Name (Full state name)
MSA Number (metropolitan statistical area number)
MSA Name (metropolitan statistical number)
County Number (county number)
County Name (name of said county)
Latitude (4 decimals)
Longitude (4 decimals)
Population (2010)
Median Age (2010 Census)
Median Male Age (2010 Census)
Median Female Age (2010 Census)
FIPS State Code
Unemployment Rate (2014)
Median Household Income (2014)
Timezone (i.e. America/New_York)
Area Code

Shareware Software Database

Our database is the most complete shareware/software database on the internet. The database covers over 30k titles, for linux, windows, mac and mobile. Included in this database is full description version, last updated, full author information including sales emails, support emails, physical address, download links and much more. See the database in action on our site http://files.n5net.com .  Our spidering technology maintains the database ensuring the titles included are active and the information is up to date.

Here is a sample of SOME the data fields that our database includes.

Company Name
Company Address
Postal Code
Company Website
Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Contact Email
Sales Email
Support Email
General Email
Sales Telephone
Support Telephone
General Telephone
Software Name
Release Month
Release Day
Release Year

License Type
Installer Included
Supported OSes
Size kb/mb/gb
Has expiration date
Recent Changes
Category Information
System Requirements
Search Keyworks
Descriptions 45/80/250/450/2000 chars
Program URL
Order URL
Screenshot URL
Icon URL
Download url (4 of them)

Mobile Providers Email to SMS Gateway Database

We are offering this dataset for free in SQL Format.   Most mobile providers offer a means to send an sms or mms message from email.   This dataset offers you 265 Carriers and the email address for their email to sms/mms gateways.

If you want to send a short email and have it delivered as a text message, you can do it by using an Email to SMS gateway. So long as you know the person’s phone number and the name of their service provider, you can easily find the appropriate gateway address that will forward your message.

To use this database, compose an email – but rather than entering their email address in the recipient box, simply insert the 10-digit phone number with the appropriate @gateway address behind it. This database can particularly be useful for developers.

The fields include.  id, carrier name, gateway email, and notes.