N5 Networks datasets are the best in the industry.  Our competitors offer datasets that are incomplete, inaccurate or full of duplicates.  Our data is top notch, scrubbed regularly and updated monthly.  We are constantly evolving each of our datasets adding more and more to each product.  We invite you to have a look at the demos where available and decide for yourself.

Our database is compiled from dozens of sources and scrubbed for errors, We are constantly updating our database with new and updated datasets.  It is one of the most complete databases of it’s type available on the internet.

Our database includes the following data fields:

  • Postal Code
  • City
  • State (two letter state abbreviation)
  • Long State Name (Full state name)
  • MSA Number (metropolitan statistical area number)
  • MSA Name (metropolitan statistical number)
  • County Number (county number)
  • County Name (name of said county)
  • Latitude (4 decimals)
  • Longitude (4 decimals)
  • Population (2010)
  • Median Age (2010 Census)
  • Median Male Age (2010 Census)
  • Median Female Age (2010 Census)
  • FIPS State Code
  • FIPS Code
  • Unemployment
  • Median Household Income (2014)
  • Timezone (i.e. America/New_York)
  • Area Code

The download includes copies of the dataset in comma delimited format, tab delimited as well as a mysql dump.