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Perl Has Never Been This Easy!

Perl Scripting Tool 3 Is Now Free!
He are happy to announce that Perl Scripting Tool is now free Get It Now


Perl Has Never Been This Easy!
Perl Scripting Tool was originally intended as a replacement for Windows' Notepad, which until now has been the editor of choice for Win32 PERL Programmers. While Notepad is usually sufficient there has long been the need for something with 'just a little more'. Perl Scripting Tool has eliminated the complaints programmers have long had with notepad, and managed to create a fully featured Perl development environment.

After a year and a half of beta testing with thousands of programmers using it and sending comments, we have pulled together the most wanted and most needed features that our beta testers have demanded. 

Perl Code Quick, Easy and Painlessly
Before, writing complex Perl scripts on your Windows machine required notepad, several DOS Prompt windows, and plenty of patience. Perl Scripting Tool PRO has solved the stress and frustration of Perl development with one of the most intuitive Perl development environments available

The Code Practically Writes Itself...
Perl Scripting Tool Pro has shortcut keys and wizard features that practically write the code for you. Unlike typical editors Perl Scripting Tool focuses on the Rapid Application Development (RAD) features that have long been needed with Perl.

Written for Perl Professionals by Perl Professionals.
Perl Scripting Tool was originally developed for in-house use to help with quick turn arounds with the multitude of Perl projects we are faced with daily. After much demand we released our first public beta and proceeded to develop the product based on the Perl communities feedback.