September 13, 2016


Custom Application Programming

appsN5 Networks has maintained a consistent strength in application programming. Unix, Linux, Web, Windows, to DOS. From complex, high powered commerce solutions to simple company screensavers N5 can do it, and do it right.

Our present line of software products, including;CaptureMAX, GroupMAN, Perl Scripting Tool, TechCart, HTM2PERL, Winthumb as well as our past line of Telecommunications utilities have all proved amazingly reliable and successful.

Our most valued strength in the Software market is our custom software solutions. You need it, we write it! From web accounting systems, online store systems, Windows screensavers, the list goes on.

Custom Software
We have developed Windows software and internet applications for satisfied customers including: software companies out-sourcing their product development, small business entrepreneurs depending on us for on-time and on-budget projects, bigger business needing innovative demanding solutions for a competitive edge.

Whether you need an old database application ported to the internet, or a new innovative software product, our experienced team will drive your project forward through the full product cycle. Get more details about how we approach each project in our services section.
Does your e-commerce application need to talk to your fulfillment house? Does your existing inventory system need to talk to your website? Does your website need to integrate with your accounting package? N5 has handled all sorts of integrations and would be happy to provide you a quote for your upcoming integration.

Please contact us for more information and feel free to take a look at our client portfolio and custom software gallery.

Server Administration

support1-250x171We offer a variety of support options for both Window and Linux based servers. Whether you have a single server or racks full, we can help.
A small sampling of our offerings include:

  • Scripting & Automation
  • OS Hardening (Security)
  • Service Monitoring & SMS Alerts
  • Installation and configuration of most services (Apache, MySQL, FTP, SMTP, etc).
  • DNS Services and Managed DNS Offerings.
  • Virtual Machine support.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • And Much More...

Choose from one time services or one of our monthly service plans. Our monthly service plans are comprehensive and allow you to focus on your expanding your core business and business critical issues while we focus exclusively on your IT infrastructure, security and uptime. You can choose from one of the service plans below or we will work with you to design monthly service plan that meet your business needs as well as your budget.
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Outsourcing Your Work To N5 Networks

keyboardMany web shops cannot afford the high costs of a programmer to add to their full-time staff. For many shops it isn't practical to have a full time programmer for those occasional programming projects that come through.

Many web shops cannot afford the high costs of a programmer to add to their full-time staff. For many shops it isn't practical to have a full time programmer for those occasional programming projects that come through. N5 Networks has worked with small web design houses and other small businesses to get a job that needs the technical know-how done and done right.

Our line of public and proprietary software products and range of services serve as tools to expedite any project so the project that would normally take four months can now be done in four weeks. N5 Networks has provided programming and consulting expertise to dozens and dozens of design firms. Programming specialties include: Perl, PHP, XML, MySQL, C++, for all platforms.

Ready for that long needed reconstruction of your business website? You have everything covered from design to the hosting but you need someone to handle the backend of the site for you? N5 Networks is the answer. N5 Networks has helped many businesses establish the interactivity needed to compete on the internet in times like these.

Tucker Communications on N5 Networks...

"As a design firm, our services extend to website development. Many of our clients need e-commerce sites and/or database driven sites. We have employed the services of N5 for several years to provide the backend programming necessary for these sites to function. Their shopping cart (Tech-Cart) is extremely user friendly, and has an administrative backend that allows us and our customers to make instant updates.

We also provide online registration for trips managed by a travel incentive company. N5 has developed an entire program, with editing functionality, that we can use repeatedly. This has saved us both time and money. N5's work is always professional and is completed within budget and on time. " -- Cindy Tucker, Owner


Managed Services

hostingImageYour hardware or ours, do you need ongoing administration of your *nix servers? Maybe you just need a rather complex installation of your server platform. Our managed services plans are scalable and designed to meet your ever changing needs. From simple projects such as installing a mail server to full administration of a multi-rack cluster. N5 Networks would be happy to handle all of your server administration tasks.

N5 Networks has several plans offering fully managed dedicated Linux servers, while still allowing you the root access you need to perform your own administrative tasks. Our managed services platform partners exclusively with Savvis at their Dallas, Texas datacenter to bring you the network reliability you require for your enterprise data, hosting and management needs.

Contact Us and let us know of your needs and one of our knowledgeable staff members will research your requirements to create a solution that fits your business.

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Load/Stress Testing

vps1Know your limits.

Cloud computing has given us the ability to scale, but having the ability to analyze the bottlenecks of your web site, web service or web application can be crucial to overall service quality and service level agreement commitments.

We are able to arrange to perform a distributed stress test on HTTP, SOAP, PostgreSQL and MySQL servers. We are able to provide a simulation that mimics loads up to 1000 Mb/s (GigE) with tens of thousands users hitting your website or application simultaneously. Our tests can be custom scripted so that the simulated users can walk through a whole series of steps while navigating through your website or web application.

The testing provides extremely detailed reports, reviewed by our staff.

We can schedule a load test to be performed during low traffic times such as on weekends or late at night. Priced on a case by case basis.

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