October 26, 2017

Tech News Website

Tech News Website

his is a fully automatic news website in which fresh content is automatically updated on hourly, daily or weekly basis from Google news ( Can be updated from CNN, BBC, Yahoo news or from any source ). You select the news niche you want to build on and add the content sources.  This website is designed in such a fashion that there is zero work, it runs fully on autopilot.

This website is built on the latest WordPress version, which means that it is very easy to use and completely beginner friendly.   The site is ready for you to monetize by including Google AdSense, ClickBank or basically any ad provider.

How is the website monetized?
The website is monetized ad revenue. You can serve ads from any ad provider. (Clickbank, Google Adsense, etc)

Website Features

  • No experience needed
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Responsive design – looks great on laptops, tablets and phones
  • 100% automated maintenance free : Set up to run on autopilot. 
  • News updates hourly, daily, every 4 hours, your choice.
  • Automatically posts to facebook page.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy monetization set up
  • WordPress Latest Version
  • SEO Plugin installed
  • Full Social Media support – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest

What You Will Receive

  • Full ownership of the complete website ready for your domain name and branding.
  • Fully site including all plugins.
  • We will transfer the complete website to your hosting account or we can provide hosting for an additional fee.
  • Full email/ticket support. Whenever you have a question We will be happy to help.