February 16, 2016

WordPress Plugins

N5 Download Redirector

This is a very simple plugin the same as used on this sites for downloads.   This allows you to insert shortcode on a page and have a automatically download start in 5 seconds.   N5 Networks uses this plugin for all downloads and it allows us to upsell other products and services on our download page.

How to Use:
example: download URL: http://www.mysite.com/my-page/?file=http://www.mysite.com/files/download.zip
example shortcode on /my-page/:
Notice: Undefined index: file in /home/sites/1459/www/wp-content/plugins/download-redirect/download-redirect.php on line 33

Display the URL on the page:
Notice: Undefined index: file in /home/sites/1459/www/wp-content/plugins/download-redirect/download-redirect.php on line 55

Display A link to the URL:
Notice: Undefined index: file in /home/sites/1459/www/wp-content/plugins/download-redirect/download-redirect.php on line 63

Leave name in n5_link_url blank to show the full url in the link

Mail Poet – Digital Download Offer Creator

This plugin integrates with the popular MailPoet mailing list management service/plugin.   With this plugin you can offer website visitors the opportunity to receive a digital download for signing up for your mailing list.  This works wonderfully for e-book offers, audio books, or other digital media.  

Customizable email templates.
When your visitor signs up for your list they will receive an email with a specially formulated link to download your digital product, you can have multiple email templates and each can be customized to meet your needs.
Track downloads
The plugin will allow you to track how many people clicked on the download link for your digital media product.
Customizable Widgets
Place the signup box widget anywhere on your site and customize it to say whatever you would like.